Effective Communication

Skills Directly Impacts

Your Success

Effective communication skills are the missing ingredient to achieving more success. When

you know how to introduce yourself, create memorable conversations, and present confidently,

success becomes effortless.

The ability to deliver a confident presentation attracts customers, builds trust quickly, and closes sales faster. When you have a captivating presence – people are attracted to you and your ideas.

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Team Training

Whether you are speaking in person, on the phone, or virtually, you are making a presentation.

The way you present yourself and communicate your message is critical to your success. Whether you are a salesperson, business owner, or entrepreneur, mastering your communication and

presentation will accelerate influence and revenues.

We teach salespeople and entrepreneurs how to confidently present their message, capture and maintain the interest of your listeners, learn how to deliver the best script and method to your prospect speaking their language and identify their buying signals,

using this knowledge to achieve the desired results – increased sales!

Influential communication is all about HOW you say it!


Lisa Wong, L.A.C.

Center for Healing by Design

LeAnn is an amazing communications coach. I needed

help with crafting my introduction commercial just 2 days before attending the CEOSpace International business forum.

LeAnn was quick to respond to my need and we our

coaching session via Skype. The session was fun,

productive, and effective .... I enjoyed working with

LeAnn tremendously and would strongly recommend

her to anyone who needs support in communicating


Ron Urias

Owner, Farmers Insurance

LeAnn is one of those business

professionals who has the “gift”.

Her passion to help others become better speakers and communicators is invaluable for those newly

hired into marketing and those who have been

doing it for decades and need a refresher.

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