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Five speech techniques for increased sales – what influential communicators know – it's how you say it!

Get my report to discover five techniques that will create instant confidence, eliminate fear, and make your communication impactful.


How to Win $ales on the phone Your sales start with you first word

Get my report to discover how the sound of your voice is cheating you out of sales and some simple skills to improve your results by mastering your voice.

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Coaching sessions with LeAnn:

Two hours of one to one coaching with LeAnn to discover areas and ideas to increase your revenue and create powerful and effective presentations. 

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You have 30 seconds for your message to make an impression that will have others wanting to do business with you.

You want to be the one they remember and call for future business.

In this four part video series you will learn how to present your own influential message whether to a group or an individual that will get you results! Understand some minor mistakes you might be making right now and an easy way to correct them so you will be the person others will pursue to continue the conversation.

Sound Of Success

Sound of Success – Can you Hear it, can you do it?

Some people search far and wide to find out why they are not obtaining their desired results, yet it is right in front of them, their own voice and they don’t even know it! This training will teach you some common mistakes and bad habits that may be holding you back in your communicate and how to overcome them.


What are you doing to keep your customer coming to you?

Would you like to have a 98% OPEN rate when you communicate with your customers and clients? Whether you call it account management, relationship management or simply staying in touch, it's critical to develop a customer-retention plan so you don't lose customers you have. It's vital to the success of any business and more so in the current economic climate Discover this powerful, easy to use tool to communicate with your customers so you will stand out from the crowd. Click here to learn more.
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