One statistic about communication states that 85 percent of our results in life are directly attributable to the quality of our own communication skills. Now that is a wakeup call! At least it was for me.

When I discovered this early on in my career, I realized I couldn’t blame my lack of success toward anyone but myself. After a period of mourning and much questioning, what was the reason I choose sales again? I realized that I held the power to change my results by developing better, if not outstanding communication skills. And my educational journey began.

Why do I tell you all of this? Because I have experienced first-hand how good communication skills can change your finances and the quality of your life.

I have proven my exceptional ability to communicate in more than 30 years of highly successful “record-topping” sales. In the various situations my sales journey has taken me, one thing is certain: communicating effectively and with authenticity is the cornerstone of my results.

My career began in Interior Design, developing all that creativity has helped me in many areas of my communication as well. I quickly moved into sales, design is fun although I quickly learned that the person who sells the design makes more money.

In order to be good in sales I learned that I needed to get better at my own communication skills. Starting with how to talk and sell on the phone to presenting in front of the client led me to presenting in front of larger and larger groups. In have invested hours in different public speaking organizations and seminars, always improving my own skills. I have presented messages to small and large groups in business, church, and social settings.

I also continued to develop my vocal skills which led me to a career as a professional voice over artist. Why do I mention this? Because, especially in this industry, it is all about How you say it!

It is now my passion to help others achieve their personal and professional goals by developing their own communication skills into ones that will produce greatness. The way we communicate with others determines the quality of our results. Experience, training, presentations, and practice have shaped my ability to communicate with believability, genuineness and authenticity and I will teach you how to do the same.