In less than a second, the time it takes to say “hello”, we form an opinion of the person.
Some people have voices that are distinctly attractive. You find them engaging. You trust them and you want to connect with them. Others have some poor vocal habits which are inadvertently turn people off every time they speak.

What does this mean? The sound of your voice had a direct relationship to your success and to the size of your bank account.

No matter what you do for a living, your voice and the way you use it is impactful. Yet most people barely give their voice a second thought, let alone invest the time needed to learn to improve it or use it to maximum effect.

LeAnn Pashina is a communication coach and voice over artist who knows the value of utilizing your voice to create influence, emotion and confidence.

She can help you use your voice to obtain results in your sales. She helps you manage your first vocal impression teaching you how to remove control of the listener and returning it to the speaker – You!

Sound of Success – Can you Hear it, can you do it? 

Some people search far and wide to find out why they are not obtaining their desired results, yet it is right in front of them, their own voice and they don’t even know it! This training will teach you some common mistakes and bad habits that may be holding you back in your communicate and how to overcome them.


"There are some business professionals that have the "gift" and LeAnn is one of those. Her passion for wanting to help others become better speakers and for teaching them to project is invaluable for those newly hired into marketing and for those who've been doing it for decades and need a refresher. A GREAT smile seems like a simple thing to do but for many they need to be...more"

Ron Urias 
Owner, Farmers Insurance