You are out networking, in a social setting or waiting in line and you’re asked – “What do you do?” What do you say? This is commonly referred to as elevator pitch. Do you know how to start the conversation – and create the outcome you desire?

Your success depends on how well you communicate and present yourself, your message and your passion. It takes seven seconds or less to make a first impression. That means people decide whether you are credible, competent and authentic all in the first few moments you speak.

Most of us take the wrong approach to this short yet influential message. It is time to stop pitching and start connecting. Real connections start with authentic communication. When you make a real connection, you can make a real difference. Change your conversations and you will change your results.

Good communication skills are the key to advancing your message. It is not just the words you use; it is also your non-verbal communication you present that will create a lasting impact on your listener

There is never a good time to make a bad presentation. Take control of your personal message and discover how to make a real connection.

Let’s work together to create compelling and authentic conversations that will have you connecting and influencing others with your message.

You have 30 seconds for your message to make an impression that will have others wanting to do business with you.

You want to be the one they remember and call for future business.

In this four part video series you will learn how to present your own influential message whether to a group or an individual that will get you results! Understand some minor mistakes you might be making right now and an easy way to correct them so you will be the person others will pursue to continue the conversation.


"This workshop was really a breakthrough for me. As a Belief Work Practitioner, I have had a real challenge engaging in conversation about my business with people outside of alternative wellness – aka the people who really really need what I do. This workshop helped me to become relatable and conversational in my approach to talking about my business, and to give specific examples of how I can help and pique interest in working with me in just 30 seconds. I highly recommend this workshop – It’s so good!!!"

Katerina Edwards